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Seamless shopping experience on all social media.

Get started now for seamless Orders, Payments, Deliveries and more!

Boost Sales with your free ZipLip Mini-Catalog Link

Create Mini-Catalog

Create beautiful catalogs for any usecase - Video, Photo, Live, from our easy-to-use seller dashboard.

Share across Channels

Share anywhere on different social media platforms & take orders hassle-free.

Boost Sales

Enjoy high conversion and more sales for your products with our seamless checkout & highly curated sales leads.

Features of ZipLip

Seamless checkout

Complete your purchase in a few seconds. No need to leave the social network.

AI-powered commerce

Get insights on your customers and their buying patterns with ZipLip's AI-driven analytics.

Automate your Orders, Payments & Deliveries.

Keep track of inventory, payments and delivery all with ZipLip's AI Commerce Suite.

Highly Curated Sales Leads

Get high intent leads which you can easily convert and boost your sales. Get connected to leads in just one-click.

AI-powered RTO protection

Our Proprietary algorithm help you reduce your order RTO and ship to your customers stress-free.

AI-powered Fraud protection

We protect you and your customers from fraudlent activity and deliver seamless experience.

Build with ZipLip

Supercharge your Sales with our All-in-one Dasboard

ZipLip is designed to provide you best-in-class selling experience through your social channels.

Seamlessly make your free catalog

Manage all your order at one place

Analytics to help you make smarter decision

Delivery and Payments


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is ZipLip?

ZipLip is a one-stop AI-powered free commerce suite that helps merchants increase their conversion rate in Social Commerce by providing a seamless checkout experience on all social media platforms. ZipLip provides a range of services which includes Order Management, Delivery Management and Payment Management.

How to use ZipLip?

Sellers create mini-catalog link of the products they want to showcase on social media from ZipLip seller dashboard, and put these links on their social media posts, and from there buyers buy in a completely automated manner.

What are the benefits of using ZipLip?

ZipLip offers merchants several benefits, such as a secure, fast and easy-to-use checkout experience, AI-powered insights to optimize sales, and access to a wide variety of payment options. This allows merchants to maximize their sales and increase their revenue. Create your free mini-catalog from ZipLip & share on social media & sell more.

What is the pricing of Ziplip?

Get the AI-powered commerce suite. Streamline your Social Commerce with ZipLip.